Because it is pretty stunning. 

I've never lived in New Bedford - or really any city, aside from my 4-year stint in Boston for college. I'm a self-proclaimed country bumpkin. However, if I were to move away from the woods, I could live in something that looked like this industrial chic townhouse in Downtown New Bedford. Although the $975,000 price tag is far, far outside my budget / realm of anything I'd buy even if I fell into a boatload of money...But. It is pretty.

In addition to all the exposed brick, spectacular views of the New Bedford waterfront, and the gigantic bath tub, the first floor is a commercial space. Perfect for the entrepreneurs that like to combine home and hustle.

The stunning triplex townhouse offers a sophisticated blend of old world charm seamlessly blended with all the amenities expected in a home of this caliber...Located on one of the National Parks most picturesque streets, the handsome brick and stone façade building has been renovated to perfection and includes a first floor commercial/retail space.

If the sleek kitchen doesn't do it for you, keep in mind you'd be within walking distance of Rose Alley, Cork, Whaler's Tavern, and all the bustle and local love that comes with Downtown NB.


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