NEW BEDFORD - Local radio legend Stan Lipp has passed away. Lipp died Monday morning in Florida.

Lipp was the host of the popular WBSM talk show "Open Line" from 1964 to 2001.

Former WBSM talk show host Pete Braley worked with Stan for a number of years, after Braley came to the station in 1989. Braley says Stan's brand of radio doesn't really exist anymore, saying Stan was a calm, cool, and collected moderator, not just a talking head.

"As far as being really right-wing or left-wing, I don't think he was. You could call Stan no matter what side of the issue you were on. I don't know if that exists anymore, especially in the national realm of things," said Braley.

Lipp was also very involved in the community, hosting annual drives such as "Quarters for Christmas," which would raise money to help out families in need during the holiday season by lining up donated quarters from one end of the Dartmouth Mall to the other.

J.R. Reitz, former program manager for WBSM, says he was well aware of Stan's status as a talk radio legend when he joined the station in 1994.

"I was just amazed at what a nice, down to earth, easy going man he was," said Reitz. "Very nice, always smiling, walking through the halls smiling. (He was) Nice to listeners who would come in to meet him, nice to guests on his show. And very involved in the community. Just a great guy. It's very sad news we're hearing today."

Lipp was 89 years old.

Final arrangements will be announced when they are finalized.

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