Local laborers are asking why they are still waiting for jobs at the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal construction site.

Over 30 people attended an informational meeting held at the Alfred J. Gomes school Tuesday evening.

Old Bedford Village Association President John "Buddy" Andrade says residents that have applied for jobs aren't getting anywhere.

New Bedford laborers such as Sal Silva say they have applied for a job on the construction site but still haven't heard anything...

The public meeting was ended when a shouting match broke out between Andrade and personnel behind the project.

He asked why more local workers haven't been hired and didn't get any clear answers.

According to the presentation by the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, there are currently 84 employees on the terminal site. Sixteen of those are from New Bedford and another 33 are from the surrounding SouthCoast area.

A meeting will be held later this month for applicants to learn more about the application process, but a date has not yet been determined.