Whether you are a recent graduate looking to start your career path or someone ready to make a career change, knowing which fields pay the best is probably a good idea. Certainly for those high school seniors wondering what to study in college, a list of the best-paying careers would come in handy.

That's why we've done the digging for you and created the list of the highest-paying jobs here on the SouthCoast.

Though you may be looking to relocate for work, most people end up staying fairly close to home. If that is the route you are looking to take and you'll be sticking close to the Greater New Bedford area, then this is the list you need to look at first.

Of course, many of the jobs on this list require special schooling. Medical school, law school and degrees in engineering are a necessity for a lot of the careers that are paying the most locally. Still, there are plenty of career paths you can take that do not require extra time in a classroom, but can add a lot of extra zeros to your paycheck.

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Locally, there are over 25 different career fields that have an average salary in the six-figure range. Most fall into some sort of management category, so having some leaderships skills will definitely do you well in the long run. The top-paying jobs on the SouthCoast all pretty much call for some sort of secondary schooling too, so if you weren't thinking about going to college, this list could change your mind.

Top 35 Highest-Paying Jobs on the SouthCoast

Looking to start a new career or not sure which path to head down after high school? Here are the best paying jobs right here on the SouthCoast that could help you decide.

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