One of the realities of life is that you must have a job to support the lifestyle you aspire to have. That could mean anything from basic necessities such as food, shelter, clothing, etc., to fancy cars, boats, travel, and a sufficient retirement account.

In other words, if you want it, you've got to work for it.

As time goes by, the so-called "in-demand" jobs change. There is not a big demand for keypunch operators, Fotomat film developers or VCR repair people these days. Times have changed.

So what are the "in-demand" jobs of today?

Most In-Demand Jobs In Massachusetts These Days
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According to the Business Talent Blog, "You drop off your car at the auto shop; call a ride to take you across town to your usual therapy appointment; check in with the front desk; and walk in for a friendly session with your psychologist."

LinkedIn says, "You just encountered people in the top four jobs with the fastest-growing demand on LinkedIn; car detailer, driver, front desk representative, and psychologist."

Jobs with the fastest growing demand include:
Front Desk Representative, Psychologist, Car Detailer, Driver, Baker, Information Specialist, Veterinary Assistant, Home Health Aide, Warehouse Stock Clerk, and Training Supervisor.
The current top ten "in-demand" jobs according to LinkedIn:
Registered Nurse, Salesperson, Software Engineer, Driver, Retail Salesperson, Project Manager, DevOps Engineer, Warehouse Associate, Cashier, and Customer Service Representative."

Most In-Demand Jobs In Massachusetts These Days
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loading... says the 10 jobs most in demand in the Boston Labor Market are as follows:
Senior Software Engineer, Registered Nurse, Software Engineer, Research Assistant, Administrative Assistant, Account Executive, Research Fellow, Project Manager, Senior Associate, and Staff Nurse.

ZIPPIA bases its list of "in-demand" jobs on the Boston Labor Market since it is the largest in the Commonwealth. The site also lists the approximate number of positions open in many top fields and what the position might pay.

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