Just around the time that Donald Trump was beginning to make a political splash on this side of the pond, the Brits were demanding a withdrawal from the European Union. Though Barack Obama threatened their trade status if they did, the majority of British voters approved Brexit.

Since Brexit, we've seen anti-globalism movements take hold, including here in the U.S. where Trump's "America first" message won the day. Several European nations such as Poland, South American countries like Brazil, and others around the world have begun to express nationalistic views and reject globalization.

Three years since the Brits voted to leave the EU, it has not happened, as politicians in England have stalled and attempts to reach a deal with Brexit supporters have failed. Failure to reach an agreement that would have England leave the EU could cost Prime Minister Theresa May her job real soon.

The Daily Mail is reporting that British authorities are prepared to put troops on the streets to "deal with potential chaos in the wake of a 'No Deal' Brexit." The paper says Operation Temperer was originally designed to maintain order in the event of a terror attack.

I have a better idea: why doesn't the British government simply abide by the will of the people? The people voted to leave the EU and salvage what is left of its sovereignty. When given a chance to be heard, people will almost always choose nationalism over globalism.

The British people have spoken. Let them have their Brexit.

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