The Butcher Shop at 123 Dartmouth St. in the Sound End of New Bedford is a local treasure! For nearly thirty years, The Pinarreta family, Joe, Eric and Ryan, have been passionate about making customers happy to the point they become loyal patrons. That kind of approach is what has made the Butcher Shop a true icon of Mom & Pop businesses. I'll STEAK my word on it!

Freshly cooked homemade lunch and dinner is ready to be packaged and brought home for the family. Imagine rotisserie chicken, shrimp Mozambique, melt-in-your-mouth Cacoila, tender beef tips, fish fillets and many other favorites are prepared daily in this classic shoppe! And now, after their recent remodeling, you'll walk into a larger store featuring fresh cut sirloin strip, pork sirloin, marinated meats, imported cheeses, fully stocked beer and wines from around the globe and spices, dry goods and freshly baked favorites!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and the Butcher Shop is ready to perfectly roast your holiday turkey and provide all the fix'ns, from stuffing to all your side dishes! Imagine enjoying Thanksgiving with your family without the stress of cooking, prepping and baking everything, when the superb chefs at the Butcher Shop will gladly do all that work for you, and that's no Baloney! So, let's MEAT at the Butcher Shop, 123 Dartmouth St. and enjoy shopping at one of the area's best kept secret. Call Joe, Eric and Ryan right now and tell them how many guests you'll be entertaining. They'll do the rest! Time is of the essence so call now, 508-994-4942, and let the Butcher Shop make your Thanksgiving a time of real gratitude for you!

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