LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Boston may have been closed during the blizzard, but it still found a way to build what is perhaps the most related LEGO display I have ever seen.

LEGO is universally loved. Young or old, from countries around the globe, people love building things out of those tiny bricks. In fact, my dining room table was covered with LEGO for most of Saturday afternoon. Yet my family was not nearly as creative as the folks at LEGOLAND Boston when it came to making snow day displays.

The LEGOLAND Discovery Center Boston on Assembly Row in Somerville includes a display of Boston built from over one million bricks. This weekend, it added to those bricks to create piles of snow throughout the city (got to keep it up to date) and some of that snow has to be cleared for parking, right?

In a video from the Discovery Center, viewers can watch LEGO imitate life as a tiny shovel scoops away tiny piles of snow and then pulls the most New England city move ever and places a tiny LEGO chair to save their spot.

Yes, this is a video of a LEGO space saver and it is bound to make you smile.

I love how they show the cars already buried in the snow, clearly in violation of any parking bans, and the face on the businessman on the sidewalk seeing his car is priceless.

Sure, they meant this to be Boston after the blizzard, but let's be honest, it could just as easily be a New Bedford side street.

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