This SouthCoast light show is the most COVID-safe fun you can have in your car. In fact, it only works if you are in your car because that’s the only way to tune in to the Crazy Tech Christmas Light Show.

When you are a professional virtual systems/network/virtualization engineer with a love for the holidays, then of course you let the two things combine and turn them into a mega light show set to music like this.

For the past 10 years, Lakeville has managed to keep the home a secret. But this year, more people are searching for festive things to do with their families, so it's time to share the joy with other towns.

This display is so massive it takes all of November to set up, and it officially launches on Friday, November 27 at 4:30 p.m. With an estimated 70,000 lights programmed to holiday music, you may wonder what this home’s electric bill looks like, but since it’s all LED lights, the cost of bringing joy to thousands of locals each year only costs around $130. If you look close enough, you'll even see Santa and Mrs. Claus poking their heads out from the attic window.

The home uses a low-power, FCC-approved transmitter signal to send the music from the display to your car’s radio. Once you get to the house, tune into 87.9 FM on your radio and then the magic of this crazy display happens.

The display will run through December 31 at Furlong Circle in Lakeville, weather permitting. (map it here). You can follow Crazy Tech Christmas on Facebook here for updates on showtimes and other news.

And before you go, familiarize yourself with the rules to ensure that this display can continue for years to come. It’s a pretty simple ask from someone who shares the holiday spirit with so many. If his neighbors are happy, he’s happy, and the rest of us can be merry until New Year’s Eve.

  1. Do not block the neighbor's driveways or use them to turn around.
  2. Please don't stop in the middle of the road thus blocking neighbors and others from going past.
  3. Park "across" the road from the show, not on the same side as the show as it blocks others from seeing the show and can block the road.
  4. Once you pull to the side of the road, please dim your headlights to parking lights only so everyone can enjoy the show
  5. Stay in your car (safety first), keep the radio to a comfortable level inside your car. Please stay off the lawn; the show uses many low hanging wires and is a hazard to walking, and you could damage the show.
  6. There are two cul-de-sacs (circles) at the end of the streets that allow you to turn around to leave the show,
  7. Please DO NOT turn around in the middle of the street; a three-point turn causes traffic problems and is very dangerous.
  8. if you get out to view the display you MUST wear a mask to protect others around you. Police details will be enforcing this, as always we want a SAFE visit for all.

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