When he's not playing a vengeful politico on the acclaimed Netflix series "House of Cards," Kevin Spacey is playing comforter and supporter to victims of the recent bombings in Boston.


Spacey has been weaving quietly in and out of Beantown visiting with those affected by the marathon tragedy. The Oscar winner says he feels if he can help put a smile on somebody's face, then that's enough. Spacey had just started work on the second season of "House Of Cards" series in Baltimore last week, when he decided to make the trip to Boston to see what he could do to help. He has been handing out six-month subscriptions to Neflix as well as copies of his Oscar winning movie "American Beauty" during his visit. He's also urging others to help by donating to OneFundBoston.org. The organization aims to assist those who were injured or had a family member that was killed or injured in the April 15th attack on Boston.