Former State Representative Keiko Orrall (R-Lakeville) had a nice, soft, cushy landing after leaving office. About two months after handing her Beacon Hill office key to her successor, her husband Norman Orrall, Keiko has found an even sweeter gig in the swamp and you are paying or it.

Governor Charlie Baker saw fit to appoint Keiko, a loyal Bakerette, to the six-figure position of Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism. Nice work if you can get it. You should see the view from her fifth-floor office on Blackstone Street in Boston. She's posted pictures on her Facebook page.

I wonder if the job was even posted or if Baker conducted a series of interviews with applicants? Perhaps he just slipped Keiko in, and since the media is so accustomed to the hack-o-rama rhumba on Beacon Hill, nobody even bothered to report on it until after she had finished her first week on the job.

Keiko Orrall is a nice enough lady, but what qualifies her for the position of Executive Director of the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism? A quick check of her rez shows that she earned a BA in education at Smith College and was teaching in Lakeville before winning the 12th District House seat in a special election in 2011. Does she have any travel and tourism experience at all?

The Massachusetts Republican Party needed a token candidate to run against incumbent Democrat Treasurer Deb Goldberg in November, so Keiko fell on her sword and did the deed. She even pretended to campaign a couple of times. Her payoff? A golden parachute drop onto Blackstone Street.

The Oralls ought to be able to retire quite comfortably someday on your nickel with her pensions from the Lakeville schools, the state legislature and now Travel and Tourism. Ol' Norman will get a pension for serving on Beacon Hill as well.

Something to think about while you are still dragging your sorry butt to work until you die in order to pay for it all.

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