There is no way I could ever be a true sports fan, let alone the die hard football fanatic that my boyfriend Greg claims to be. That boy will spend all of Sunday on the couch between pre-game and the 12 hours of game time throughout the day. However, in an attempt to be a good girlfriend I've promised to watch every Patriots game with him at his house as long as it's an afternoon game and not late at night (I have to be up at 4:30 for work, thank you).

To top off the football excitement, I now have to make weekly NFL picks for our Pro Football Pick'em. While Pete and Dan analyze the 32 teams week to week, I will be checking out the quarterbacks and basing my choice on who is cuter. Last night, I had Greg list all the quarterbacks for me and I Googled each and every one of their images for comparison. Go ahead and call me the typical "pink jersey" fan. I really don't care. Sure, my method isn't very efficient, but at least it keeps me interested! ;)

Yes, I like going to football games now to enjoy the atmosphere. But I do not understand the sport, and won't pretend to be something I'm not. Kudos to the ladies out there kicking some male butts on Fantasy Football though! I'm proud of you! =D