In a democratic process, you get the government you deserve. So when you vote liberals into office, they will surely appoint liberals to available positions, such as in the judiciary. In yet another of a long list of criminals released with bail most homeless people can afford, another case of the bleeding heart liberal has cost an innocent man his promising young life.

Bristol County District Court Judge Thomas McGuire lowered bail for Fall River career criminal Mickey Rivera, who was charged with armed robbery resulting in a fatal shooting. Rivera was able to afford the measly $1,000 and was set free. One thousand dollars!

Courtesy Bristol County DA's Office
Courtesy Bristol County DA's Office

Judge McGuire was appointed in 2009 by then-Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, a Democrat, and the Governor's Council voted unanimously for him. And please, don't accept the crap reporting that this was all on the Supreme Judicial Court who instructed justices to lower bail to meet the financial capabilities of the defendants.

While true, the liberal nutjobs did in the state's highest court did decide this, McGuire took a reasonable request of $35K and reduced it to 1/35th. Let's just say he seemed a bit too enthusiastic to obey the high court's ruling.

The Fall River Herald News may be compelled to shield McGuire (a former long-time Fall River attorney) from the rightful grief but his decision has now cost lives and adversely affected many more and he cannot fix this..ever.

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The empathetic Judge McGuire apparently couldn't bear the thought of Rivera facing such an imposition to actually sit incarcerated. DA Thomas Quinn expressed disappointment in the judge's decision. We need to express outrage. Outrage at the liberals like former Gov. Patrick who helped to form the SJC with his ridiculous appointments, the SJC as well but the specific judges like McGuire should know, blood is on his hands and we know it.

Early on this past Saturday morning, Rivera is alleged to have gone on to kill Mashpee resident Kevin Quinn (no relation to the DA), a father of a newborn daughter. Quinn was killed in a head-on collision on Route 28 in Cotuit early Saturday morning. Rivera himself was killed in the same accident. Rivera was reportedly being chased at high speeds by Mashpee police in the Cotuit area when it happened.

Quinn was just heading home after experiencing the birth of his daughter and saying goodnight to his newest little treasure and to his wife. Quinn was also a U.S. Marine and combat veteran. Two tours Afghanistan, if you're wondering.

Dead at 32, Quinn leaves behind a shocked and grieving widow and their daughter not even old enough to have left the hospital she was born in.

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Rivera, 22, was allegedly driving a car this Saturday, in high pursuit by the Mashpee Police, when the vehicle crossed the median line and struck Quinn's SUV head on. Rivera's passenger, Jocelyn Goyette of New Bedford, has now also died after being taken to a Boston hospital. Goyette was a 24-year-old mother of a four-year-old boy and fiancée of Jorge Martell.

Now, I know that if you are a typical Massachusetts resident, you're trained to vote for the Democrats, only shown what liberals want you to see in schools in media and you're pressured to repress or deny any conservative thoughts you may have. I live here, too. I see the lop-sided conversations that take place at state run UMass Dartmouth, Boston, Ahmherst, all way down to public school agendas.

My kids tell me what their some of their teachers spout out regarding politics. I advise all my children not to share what they think if they happen to disagree. I've been told numerous times about passive aggressive punishments, come report card time. We see even elected local politicians show up to protest any conservative uprising.

You are not allowed to lean right of center without serious social and economic consequences. Union members are shunned, denied and sometimes intimidated.

Teachers hide ideologies of conservatism for fear of being rebuked or worse by close co-workers or superiors. Businessman are "outed" for making political donations to conservatives and are then blackballed.

So yeah, you have to operate in stealth or become a habitual liar in many, many cases in Massachusetts and other strong, concentrated areas where liberalism dominates. This is how, and the only how, they dominate politically: through ugliness.

Sure, many of the ideas of liberalism and their policies sound great at a glance, but fall short of logic and reason when you stare and, well, staring is rude apparently.

So don't be surprised when we read about an alleged accomplice to a murder, released on $1,000 bail, only to allegedly kill an innocent model citizen on his way home from his daughter's birth.

In fact, count on it.

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