Joe Biden's Department of Homeland Security continues to do a bang-up job with immigration issues. In just four short months, we've gone from a secure border to total chaos under DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. Old Joe seems to have no real border policy other than to open the door and let everyone in. The administration's policy towards criminal illegal aliens is even more frightening.

Mayorkas has decided that the Bristol County House of Corrections can no longer work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and has canceled the contract for the Dartmouth facility to hold immigrant detainees. Mayorkas, the same guy who put kids with COVID in cages at the border, says "there is ample evidence" that the C. Carlos Carreiro Detention Center's "treatment of detained individuals and the conditions of detention are unacceptable."

Funny, but the facility was recently audited again by the federal government and passed with flying colors, just as it has with every audit conducted since 2007.

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Mayorkas also says the Detention Center "is of minimal operational significance to the agency." Really? It seemed pretty damned significant during the entire eight years of the Obama-Biden regime from 2008-2016. In fact, the center was paid $60 million since 2007 to hold illegal immigrants. But that was when the Democrats believed illegal immigration was a problem. You know, back before Trump said it.

Since that time, the looney-toon progressives such as Maura Healey, Liz Warren, Ed Markey, and Bill Keating have been working to undermine ICE altogether and drive it from Massachusetts. And since Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson has been an outspoken critic of Biden's border policies – or lack thereof – and a supporter of Trump, it was a forgone conclusion that Mayorkas would get involved.

If ever you needed evidence that this administration is flying with its head up its keister, here it is.

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