Jim Phillips is a creature of habit, and I'm sure he's been that way all of his 45 years in broadcasting.

In the time he's been here at WBSM, only a handful of people have witnessed what can only be described as a solemn, late-night ritual that Jim performs every time he leaves. He locks up.

It may seem small and insignificant to some, but it carries great symbolism. Jim has never left here without finishing what he set out to do, even if it took all night to do it. Before he left this evening, he told those that had gathered around him, "Don't leave until the work is done." It's something he's always held true to, and we hope to continue to carry on his trademark work ethic and integrity.

Thank you so much, Jim. Your work here is done. Though you're closing the door tonight, it's always open just for you.

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