Jim Dever is a Democratic candidate for the State House’s 5th Barnstable District on Cape Cod. As a municipal elected official, Dever has an on-the-ground connection with his constituents and has been listening to their primary concerns for the future of Cape Cod and the Commonwealth.

“They’re talking about jobs, they’re talking about the environment, they’re talking about how they can get a return on the investment of their tax dollars.” Dever said at a press conference as he revealed his new legislation, The Ocean Economy and Jobs Act. 

The Act utilizes Southeastern Massachusetts’s shoreline assets to invest in and develop our Blue Economy to include: fishing, marine tech, STEM education and other traditional regional industries. Dever has crafted this legislation with the help of regional leaders in Blue Economic development, such as New Bedford City Councilor and Founder of the New England Blue Economy Project, Hugh Dunn.

Recently, I was joined by Dever and Dunn on the air as we discussed the Blue Economy, how it can address the twin crises of climate change and COVID-19, and how Dever has set himself apart in the race as the candidate who is taking proactive measures to develop the economy and preserve the beauty of Cape Cod. You can listen to the full discussion here:

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