Fourth of July firework displays are a summer staple across America, but the sights and sounds that make most of us 'ooh' and 'aah' can make others run for cover.

That's why Jamestown is bringing back its popular "quiet fireworks" option.

Whether you want to watch fireworks with someone who has hearing and sensory sensitivities or bring a pet that can't take all the noise, the fireworks viewing offered by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management is a fantastic option.

While the name might make you think organizers have somehow figured out how to eliminate the booms and pops of the colorful bursts, that is not exactly how they pull it off.

Instead, DEM invites viewers to enjoy the City of Newport's annual fireworks display from a location miles away from the main action.

So while the fireworks are set off from Fort Adams State Park, those interested in quiet fireworks can head across Narragansett Bay to Beavertail State Park at the tip of Jamestown to watch them from a distance that reduces the sound.

RIDEM does point out that these fireworks will NOT be soundless, but will be a much quieter way to watch the pops of color light up the Fourth of July.

The fireworks are set for Tuesday, July 4, 9 to 10 p.m. The rain date is Wednesday, July 5.

DEM's tips for the event include keeping dogs on a leash no longer than 6 feet long at all times, wearing mosquito repellant and bringing a flashlight since bathrooms do not have lighting in them.

Also open before the fireworks is the Beavertail Aquarium on site, so visitors can explore local marine life while waiting for the show.

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