Need some free family fun after the holidays? Then, maybe a trip to Newport this Monday is your perfect MLK Day destination.

Two of Newport's most famous seaside homes are opening their doors for free on Monday, with tour options that include a family tour full of dragons and dolphins.

Here's how you can explore The Breakers and Rosecliff for free this Monday and what types of tours you can take.

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While most of us probably think of HBO's The Gilded Age when we think of Newport mansions these days, these huge houses can be a fun way for kids to learn about local history too.

Despite the formal and sometimes stuffy impression the Newport mansions can give, the Preservation Society of Newport County has some fun ways to explore them.

On The Breakers Family Tour, for example, the house itself is your narrator and children will be led to find dolphins hiding under staircases and dragons living in the formal dining room. The interactive tour plays right from your phone and truly brings the house to life for younger guests.

Older guests may want a different take on the legendary home, by taking the Beneath the Breakers underground tour. Here you go underground to see how turn-of-the-century technology made this home a modern marvel of its time.

It's not just The Breakers offering free tours come Monday, however. Rosecliff, the popular party spot during The Gilded Age, is open to guests as well.

Here you can learn about the silver heiress who had the house built and how she specifically designed her lavish home for partying. You'll also get to see the largest ballroom in Newport, which was once used as a roller skating rink.

Both mansions open at 10 a.m. on Monday with free tours throughout the day.

Learn more here to make the most of your MLK Day trip.

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