When Dighton's Jack Teixeira made news this week for allegedly leaking classified information in a gamer chat room, all of the big networks had the story: NBC, ABC, CBS, FOX, CNN and the list goes on.

One thing I immediately noticed from the broadcasts was that the announcers were pronouncing the name Teixeira the same way they pronounced that of former New York Yankees slugger Mark Teixeira.

I remember when the athlete was a rookie and getting a lot of attention in Major League Baseball. When I first heard his name it took me back a bit.  I was expecting to hear it pronounced TEX-era, the way I usually hear it said here on the SouthCoast.

Instead, he was Mark "Tesh-AIR-uh."

I'm going out on a limb here, but I think the national networks are just assuming that's also how you pronounce Jack Teixeira's last name.

We asked our audience about this Friday, as the 21-year-old Massachuetts Air National Guard member appeared in federal court, and I was shocked to learn of yet another pronunciation of the name.

Lucy from Somerset sent us an audio message on the Fun 107 app and it was mind-blowing.  Listen here.

So, now there are three different ways to say Teixeira.

1. Tesh-AIR-ruh
2. TEX-era
3. Tesh-AID-duh

Which one do you think is the most common around the SouthCoast? I'd put my money on No. 2.

Some other members of the audience pointed out that Teixeira is not the only name on the SouthCoast with alternate pronunciations. In fact, a few of them have one common pronunciation in New Bedford and a completely different pronunciation in Fall River, which is just so strange.

We're looking at you, Almeida and Ponte families.

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