In a heartening display of courage and quick thinking, Dighton Police Officers Kenneth Almeida and Aaron Swartz were honored by the Dighton Select Board for their heroic efforts in saving a man's life.

The commendation ceremony, held on Wednesday, April 24, celebrated the selfless actions of these officers, highlighting their unwavering dedication to the community.

Back on March 9, Officers Almeida and Swartz, alongside members of the Dighton Fire Department, responded to a distress call at 890 Oak St. The report indicated that a man had sustained severe injuries while attempting to cut down a tree.

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Almeida was the first to reach the scene, where he encountered the injured man who had wounds to his head and leg. Swartz swiftly followed, and together, they assessed the situation. They wasted no time in initiating life-saving measures. With decisive action, they applied multiple tourniquets to stem the bleeding, providing critical medical aid until paramedics arrived.

Courtesy Dighton Police Department
Courtesy Dighton Police Department

Despite the valiant efforts of the officers, the victim ultimately required the amputation of his leg. However, it was the quick and effective response of Almeida and Swartz that undoubtedly contributed to saving his life.

The Dighton Select Board presented Almeida and Swartz with well-deserved letters of commendation on April 24. Chief George Nichols expressed his gratitude, emphasizing the officers' reliance on their extensive training and their unwavering commitment to serving the community.

"In moments of crisis, the true measure of our officers shines through," Chief Nichols remarked. "Officers Kenneth Almeida and Aaron Swartz exemplify the values of the Dighton Police Department, demonstrating courage, professionalism, and compassion in the face of adversity."

The man the officers helped is living proof of the efforts of these dedicated officers.

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