Students at an elementary school in North Carolina are getting national attention not only for their massive cereal collection, but also how they celebrated.

Cereal Box Collection Goes Viral

Clemmons Elementary School in Clemmons, North Carolina spent two weeks collecting cereal to donate to a local food bank.

The students set a goal of collecting 2,000 full boxes of cereal during the two-week campaign. The community responded in a big way, helping drive the total number of collected cereal boxes to 2,777.

The huge accomplishment deserved an even bigger celebration. According to WXII in Winston-Salem, a team of 10 volunteers got together last Friday to reward the students for their hard work.

The TV station reported the volunteers spent five hours setting up all 2,777 of cereal boxes in a line like you would set up dominos before knocking them over. The line of boxes snaked from outside of the school, through the halls and into the gym for the grand finale.

No One Expected The TikTok Video To Go Viral

Parent and PTA member Fara O'Byrne shared a video of the boxes tumbling over on her TikTok account. The video has more than 33 million views in less than a week.

"I had like five followers, and now I have like 29,000 followers," O'Byrne told WXII.

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Since the video of the cereal box stunt took-off, O'Byrne has shared additional videos showing how it all came together.

While the line of cereal boxes took 5 hours to set up, it only took 3 minutes for all of it to be knocked over. Another 2 hours were spent picking it all up once they were finished.

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