According to NationalDayCalendar.comNational Donut Day is celebrated on the first Friday in June every year. To honor this amazing holiday, Dunkin' is offering a free classic donut with the purchase of any beverage. Here's the official invite from Dunkin':

Dunkin is taking advantage of 2020 being an election year and asking customers to let them know which member of the #DonutParty they will choose. Some classic Dunkin' donut favorites that are included with this offer.

- Glazed
- Strawberry Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles
- Chocolate Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles
- Vanilla Frosted with Rainbow Sprinkles
- Glazed Chocolate Cake
- Boston Kreme
- Jelly
- Old Fashioned

The only downside to National Donut Day happening right now is that I've been snacking and overeating throughout this entire quarantine and none of my clothes fit me properly. Seriously, heading back to the office on Monday will be interesting. Please don't judge me for whatever outfit I can throw together.

I love donuts. They have a special place in my heart. I'm still considering a donut wall for my wedding next year. I just can't bring myself to go get one today (even if it's for $FREE.99). I know I'm not the only one who is struggling to buckle jeans these days. Elastic waistbands have become my best friend, but it's time to head back to the real world. I guess I'll start preparing now. That wedding I mentioned is 447 days away and I still need to find a dress this summer. I am not into dieting, but I could probably eat a vegetable every now and then.

Of course, that's just my struggle. If you're not worried about fitting into a wedding dress in the near future, enjoy your free donut!

See you next year, Donut Day.

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