WARNING: If your little one gets hold of your phone, even without knowing how to operate it, he or she could order dinner or music or a gift card or something even more costly.

Recently, a Texas two-year-old who managed to order 31 McDonald's cheeseburgers to be delivered. The price listed on DoorDash was $1.89 plus tax per sandwich, costing over $60. Has anything similar ever happen in your family?

Years ago, when Celeste and I sat on the board of trustees of our church, all the council was baffled as we looked over a bill demanding over $150 for 90 minutes of premiere psychic readings. Questioning the validity of this, I called the company and told them that something was mistaken here, because they were billing the phone number of a church!

The quintessential "OMG!" moment materialized when the psychic folks showed proof of the day and time, and the clients' first names, who just so happened to match the names of our young cherubic alter boys. Not even their best clairvoyant could foresee the punishment to come.

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Those memories resurfaced when I happened upon Fisher-Price's Chatter Telephone in celebration of the toy's 60th anniversary. It looks exactly like the classic children's toy phone, with a colorful rotary dial, only it actually connects to your cell phone through Bluetooth.

The toy, which has been used through the decades by children to make fictional phone calls, is now able to connect to the adult world, while the adults are invited to be kids again.

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