**EDITOR'S NOTE: This opinion piece was written and published prior to today's arrest of a suspect in connection with the bombs.

Could the fake bomber actually be a Bernie Bro? Bernie Sanders is the only one that hasn't been targeted with a toy bomb yet, at least as of this writing.

Why does it make sense that this is a fanatical Bernie Sanders supporter? Who else even still remembers Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the former DNC chair that screwed old Bernardo out of the nomination in 2016? Who else still cares? That's a solid clue, no? Besides, the Bernie brigade has shown its violent side in the past.

The Sandernistas despise Hillary, and with good reason, so that explains her bomb. Barack Obama failed in his effort to turn this country into a third world socialist s***hole country, though give him credit for trying. So, there is that. George Soros. How many clams did Soros toss Bernie's way to fend off Hillary? I suspect not many. And Maxine Waters. How did she try and steal Bernie's title as the looniest lefty in D.C.?

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders Campaigns In Las Vegas
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Those were the main targets of the mad bomber. The others were afterthoughts to try and throw off investigators, you know, make them think that Ivanka Trump ordered them or something. Like the one sent to CNN. CNN is self-destructing, so why waste good money on postage stamps?

It gets silly now as everybody is beginning to receive fake bombs--even Cory Booker. When you receive a bomb threat this late in the game, it really is quite embarrassing. That puts you on the "C" list.

Who else didn't get bomb threats? Here's a partial list as of this writing:

Jim Comey, Vladimir Putin, Taylor Swift, Liz Warren, Pelosi and Schumer, Little Jeb, Michelle Obama, Stormy Daniels, Murphy Brown, Jim Acosta, etc...

See what I mean? If this was Trump-sanctioned, Stormy Daniels would have gotten a bomb threat. Jim Acosta too.

FBI Handout of Mailed Bomb Package
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For all of you politically correct types who may be reaching hyperventilation stage at this point, this blog is intended as some Friday humor, so lighten up.

Whoever is sending out these devices is having a ball at our expense. Joke's over. Time to get a real life.

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