It is becoming increasingly evident that there are those among us who are just looking for reasons to be offended and they want us to be offended too. Let's take for example the case of The Washington Redskins football team.

A new Washington Post poll of 504 Native Americans, on and off the reservation shows most, 78% find it a non-issue or not much of an issue at all. A full 90% say they are not offended by the name.  In fact eight in ten respondents say they would not be offended if a non-native called them the name. The Annenberg Public Policy Center got the same results in a 2004 survey. This, despite a national campaign to force the team to change the name that organizers say is offensive and racist.

The Post says since 2013 opponents of the use of the Redskins name have won the support of the likes of President Obama, 50 Democrat U.S. Senators and many dozens in the media including The Post's own editorial board as well as Indian Civil Rights leaders.

The team's owners have vowed not to bow to pressure to change the name, though their trademarks have been threatened and it could hamper their efforts to construct a new stadium in D.C.

With so much to be offended by, politically correct politician, skyrocketing national debt and health care costs and people who just want a reason to be offended, I suggest we put this one away once and for all. The solution is simple really, if you don't like the name Redskins, don't root for the team or by their jersey.  As for the rest of us, just leave us alone please.

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