Quick pop quiz about a nearby location: where is Wasque? Hint: it's not too far from New Bedford! And it's pronounced "way-skwee." It's one of the hidden treasures you'll discover in Christopher Setterlund's exciting new book, In My Footsteps - A Traveler's Guide to Martha's Vineyard, a Schiffer publication.

Christopher will join me Wednesday, March 2 at 9 am as he describes the gems found in his new must-read travel book, complete with some of the most gorgeous photos! As he describes in the book, "For centuries, Martha’s Vineyard has attracted everyone from celebrities and presidents to everyday folks seeking a respite from the busier pace of the mainland. This beautiful travel guide takes you on a complete tour around the island, showcasing more than 75 locations. A mix of quaint charm and stunning natural beauty gives the Vineyard a truly unique allure. Historic homes, lighthouses, renowned restaurants, and miles of pristine beaches are only the starting points for the wonders that have made this island of not quite 100 square miles a coveted vacation spot. Through clear and concise directions, including addresses, distances, and GPS coordinates, this unique guide whisks you around the island, stopping at both must-see popular spots and lesser-known hidden gems treasured by the locals."

Christopher Setterlund is a 12th-generation Cape Codder with some famous names from the area in his family tree. His passion for travel, adventure, and visiting new places is apparent in his writing, with vivid descriptions and crisp photos that help paint pictures for the readers and give them the impression of walking in his footsteps. He does his very best to share each and every place he visits with the love and care of a native but with the wonder of a first-time traveler!

Tune in Wednesday, March 2 at 9 am for a chat with author Christopher Setterlund.

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