Amidst continued questions regarding his official residency, City Council candidate Hugh Dunn has confirmed to WBSM News that he is indeed a legal resident of Ward 3.

Dunn has shown WBSM News an official copy of his lease, stating that he moved into his residence in the Wamsutta Lofts at 24 Logan Street on January 27, 2017 after placing a deposit in December. He was confirmed as a candidate in the Ward 3 special election, along with the other five candidates, on February 14. Dunn also showed WBSM News utility bills for the residence at 24 Logan Street, in his name, as well.

Dunn, 31, came to the New Bedford area in 2010 to attend the University of Massachusetts School of Law at Dartmouth. He graduated in 2013, and decided to remain in the city, allthough he had been living in Attleboro for a time before returning to New Bedford in January. He is an attorney and the executive director of the SouthCoast Development Partnership. Dunn is also a former New Bedford District Representative for Congressman Bill Keating.

Dunn is a native of Worcester. He also serves on the Executive Board of the Friendly Sons of Saint Patrick.

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