Join New York Times best-selling author Howie Carr for a Black Mass preview party at Flagship Cinemas in New Bedford!  Carr is renown for his books The Brothers Bulger and Hitman and several other Boston organized-crime books. Get the inside scoop on Boston's most notorious organized crime masterminds from someone who lived and breathed through the reign of the Bulger Brothers and then stay to watch the Warner Brother's movie based on these events.

Howie will take you deep into the life of the South Boston Crime Boss, James "Whitey" Bulger himself and all of the key players during Whitey's reign. From the Rifleman, to paying off the FBI to inside the courtroom- hear it all from someone who barely made it out alive.

Once you've  got all the facts, stay for the first-night showing of Black Mass, featuring Johnny Depp as Whitey himself. Don't just see the movie, EXPERIENCE it.

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