Is there some kind of Karma that occurs when you start to have a bad day?

Have you ever had a day like this? My day started with me having a dream that I was late for work. It was very vivid. I was at a coffee shop and they made me wait, then they got the order wrong, then they wouldn't take my money. When I woke up, it was 45 minutes later than I usually wake up and I was going to be late for work!

Once downstairs I went to shave like I always do but couldn't find the shaving cream. There are three women in the house so they must have used it to shave their legs and , sure enough, there it was in the shower with their cute little pink razor.

Flash forward to the office where I go to make copies of today's notes only to have a paper jam in the printer. Deal with that and it's time to get a cup of coffee from the station coin-operated Keurig but I don't have enough change. Get change from the soda machine only to find out I need to add water to the Keurig because the last person left it empty.

If any one of those problems happened on their own it would be a momentary inconvenience and you'd just move on. But one after the other? I need to check with my friends that are conspiracy theorists.