"We've got to do more." That's the feeling of the President of the Homeless Service Providers Network after a group of homeless people gathered outside City Hall Thursday Morning to protest the failure of the city's Emergency Shelter to open the night before.

The group then moved the protest to the New Bedford Art Museum where the Providers Network was meeting. President Carl Alves said the group had a legitimate message.

"Folks are advocating for themselves. These are good people, they were not disruptive, they were not rude or any of that kind of stuff. They're just trying to do the best they can for themselves and they need our help, and we need to give it to them," said Alves.

The final decision on opening the overflow shelter is made by the city's Emergency Management Office.

Alves says the Emergency Overflow Shelter on Coggeshall Street was open Thursday night and will likely open over the weekend because of the expected snowfall.

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