The Department of Defense is investigating a swearing-in ceremony conducted by Bristol County Sheriff Thomas Hodgson.

Hodgson swore-in 13 military recruiters as auxiliary deputy sheriffs in August.

A Navy petty officer for the Secretary of Defense's Office questioned Hodgson recently about two Navy recruiters who were sworn-in, and whether the auxiliary roles allowed the recruiters to be armed and make arrests. Hodgson says the recruiters would not carry weapons or have arresting powers, but could be called on in case of an emergency that requires their services.

Hodgson says he's done his homework, and the swearing-in was perfectly legal. "This falls clearly under the directive of the DOD. And why the DOD is spending the time investigating the establishment of partnerships to keep our community safer, that's beyond comprehension to me."

Hodgson says one of the recruiters had asked that his auxiliary deputy status be rescinded, a request that Hodgson says has been granted.

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