Ok, so Donald Trump said something piggy and chauvinistic, in what he understood to be a private setting. You're surprised? I myself thought it was implied that he spoke as such.

Hillary predictably and understandably performed a perfect stage dive right into the hands of the 'outrage crowd' and has been spiking the football at what could easily be the final nail in the coffin for the Republican nominee's campaign.

The Washington Post, in possession of this video of Trump with Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, released the tape to the mainstream media within hours of the Julian Assange Wikileaks dump of Hillary's emails. The Secret Service doesn't protect Hillary as well as the liberal media.

So  yeah, thanks to the stupid, immature, vulgar minutes of Trump's candid conversation in 2005, the biased, liberal media has been given license to ignore the much more important news found in the emails of Hillary Clinton. Here is what you might have missed:

In 2014, Hillary sent emails detailing something not yet known by the American people who had been unaware until October 10, 2016; the nations of Saudi Arabia and Qatar have been providing clandestine support for ISIS! Keep in mind these two are major Clinton Foundation donors and Saudi Arabia is providing about 20% of the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Hillary in an email to Podesta believes in telling the public one position of hers and harboring a much different one in private.

Hillary's political goals are unsecured borders, hemispheric free trade and travel. How can a patriot of the United States see this as anything but an intentional erosion of the sovereignty of America?

But the liberal mainstream media prefers that you obsess over Donald Trump's R- rated, sophomoric and lustful comments about women 11 years ago, which deserves its consideration no doubt, but by comparison they are straining on a gnat while swallowing a camel.

Keep in mind Hillary Clinton demanded an apology from Donald Trump on behalf of all women but proudly accepted the endorsement of Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who once wrote, "A woman while having intercourse with a man, fantasizes about being raped by three men simultaneously." That perverted piggy remark is apparently Okay because Sanders is pro-choice, talks a good talk over Wall Street's sometimes predatory practices and is genuinely super supportive of the gay rights movement.

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