On March 29, the Leicester Police Department posted on their Facebook page about a shoplifter who thought they could get away with it by covering a security camera with Play-Doh. When that didn't work, they fled...but forgot to take the Play-Doh with them.

"The LPD investigator recovered the Play Doh and found the suspect had left more than just the Play Doh behind; the suspect left a very good fingerprint pressed into the Play Doh for the LPD. The print is being processed to identify the suspect."

Leicester Police Department Facebook

On April 30, the department happily reported that the print had been matched on Facebook. "The suspect is currently residing at the Worcester County House of Correction and is wanted in at least two other states. The LPD has filed charges in connection its investigation and the suspect will be arraigned in court in the near future. The LPD would like to thank the Connecticut Crime Lab for the assistance they provided in identifying the print."

Possibly the best response to the news? Play-Doh:

Play-Doh / Leicester Police Department

On Wednesday, May 9, the department thanked Hasbro for the creative gift basket for a job well done. (Not to mention the great publicity the Rhode Island based toy company has received after the ordeal).

Leicester Police Department Facebook

"Thank You Hasbro (the maker of Play-Doh). Today the LPD received a package from Hasbro filled with Play-Doh, along with a nice note recognizing the work that LPD officers put into the Play-Doh fingerprint case. The Play-Doh will be used to put smiles on the faces of some children in our community. Very nice gesture by Hasbro! Greatly appreciated!"

Can Hasbro please send me Play-Doh just because I love it and think it's one of the best smells in the world?