Taunton's George A. Heath, a popular teacher at New Bedford Vocational Regional Technical High School laid down his life to save others on Tuesday night without so much as a thought. Well, perhaps he did think about it and decided it was the right thing to do.

The 56 year old Heath and his wife of 14 years, Rosemary, were having drinks at the bar at Bertucci's at The Silver City Galleria in Taunton when 28 year old Arthur DaRosa crossed their paths. DaRosa, who had already gone on a rampage on and off mall property, assaulting and stabbing his way into the restaurant, was attacking a pregnant waitress with a knife.  Rosemary Heath saw what was happening and attempted to push the woman, identified as Sheenah Savoy, away from DaRosa. It was then that George Heath grabbed DaRosa around the waist in an effort to prevent him from attacking anyone else.  Heath suffered a fatal stab wound to the head.  His actions delayed DaRosa long enough to give off duty Plymouth County Deputy Sheriff  James Creed time to fire a shot that ended DaRosa's rampage. DaRosa later died at a nearby hospital.

The selfless acts of bravery displayed by Heath and his wife undoubtedly saved Savoy's life and the lives of others.

By all accounts George Heath was a simple man.  The father of two grown children, a graduate of UMASS Dartmouth is described by his wife as a "sweet, caring, adorable, funny" man.  Rosemary Heath says her husband enjoyed walking the couple's three dogs and windsurfing.

George and Rosemary Heath got involved when most others would not have. They risked their lives for others and it cost them dearly. They paid the ultimate price.  I am certain that Mrs. Heath would much rather have her husband with her today but can rest assured that he made a difference in his short time here and what more can anyone ask for.

George Heath left us too soon but we should all be glad that he was here.

Rest in peace, George.  Your work on earth is done.