Here's some good news, gas prices have dropped 46-cents per gallon over the past couple of months! 

That's good to hear especially this time of year when we are doing our holiday shopping and could save a couple of bucks when we fill up.  In a recent survey they found the average price of gas in the Boston area was about $3.599 per gallon, although you can find it cheaper at some stations.

The nations average is about eight cents per gallon higher than this time last year.  This is great news that we are paying less, although it doesn't help me too much.  See, we went and bought a diesel powered vehicle not too long ago, when we did the prices were pretty close between the diesel and regular gas per gallon.

The vehicle gets incredible mileage using the diesel fuel, however, the cost per gallon has not dropped at all!  The cheapest price per gallon we can find around here is about $3.959.  That's almost 60-cents higher per gallon than some stations around here!  The fuel savings are starting to disappear when we have to pay that much more per gallon.

I do have to say I love the diesel engine, it is quiet, clean and we can go up to 700 miles on a tank of fuel!  That is unheard of with a vehicle that runs on regular gas!  Especially a heavy SUV, most average 19 miles per gallon and the diesel averages an astonishing 28 miles per gallon on diesel!

It is nice to see the prices of regular gas drop, I just wish that diesel fuel would drop as well!  I don't know why it costs so much more but I'm sure it has something to do with the refining process or something.  I guess I will just suck it up and pay a couple, make that a few extra bucks at the pump and know that at least I'm getting great mileage.

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