Gary Stewart knew he was adopted. He was being raised in Louisiana by a very loving family when his birth mother reached out to him. She had always wondered how he had been and what kind of man he turned in to. Once Gary met his birth mother, he wondered about his birth father. How would you feel if you found out your real father was a serial killer?

"The Most Dangerous Animal Of All" is an amazing story written by Gary L. Stewart with Susan Mustafa.

While looking through government records and news reports and tracking down relatives, Gary found evidence that he says shows his father was the famous Zodiac Killer in the San Francisco area. However, it wasn't that easy and the SFPD has still not confirmed his findings. In fact, they won't even talk to him about it. And, the lieutenant. that was helping Gary, has disappeared.

I started this book about a week ago and it is a definite page-turner.

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