Lincoln Child and Douglas Preston have released another Gideon Crew novel. The Lost Island is a blessing for fans of the Indiana Jones series. Mystery, adventure, treasure hunt, and ancient relics rolled into one! Speaking with Lincoln Child on Wednesday made me want to pick the book up ASAP!

Gideon is not only a scientist, but he's also a cheeky little thief. However, he suffers from a condition which has limited his life to one more year. He has nothing to lose when his employer, Eli Glinn, requests him to venture on a questionable mission. He must steal a page, and one page only, from the priceless Book of Kells, now on display in New York City and protected by unbreakable security. But getting the page isn't even half the story...for he discovers a hidden treasure map dating back to the time of the ancient Greeks!

I'm honestly just excited to learn about Gideon's awesome partner, Amy. She sounds wicked cool, and there's no damsel in distress characteristic with her!