Much like the Martinelli's Sparkling, this drink allows little ones to participate in celebrations like adults, but parents are upset that it may glamorize drinking alcohol in a young child.

“The Disney Frozen Non-Alcoholic Party Drink is a delicious sparkling white grape fruit drink which would be perfect at birthdays, family events, BBQs or after a long day building snowmen with Olaf. With a champagne style cork pop, your little one is sure to feel part of every celebration.” It's only available in the U.K.

A Disney spokesperson released this statement: “We have recently been made aware of the Vitpress Disney Frozen Non-Alcoholic Party Drink, a licensed product that originates in Poland. As we set very high standards for the quality of products bearing the Disney name and characters, we have informed the manufacturer that we will no longer license Disney images to a product that is packaged to look like alcohol.” Disney said that the beverage would no longer be produced by 2016.

One could argue that the difference between this bottle and Martinelli's is that the 'Frozen' bubbly is directly marketed to children, whereas the Martinelli's is geared toward an adult who chooses not to drink alcohol and still feels included in a toast, etc.

Personally, I do not like the taste of champagne. I am of age, and will still choose Martinelli's to toast at midnight on New Year's Eve. I wouldn't have a problem buying this for the kids in my family and pouring it in champagne flutes to ring in the new long as they understood that it was just juice and didn't pretend it was alcohol. Same with Martinelli, or ginger ale.

In all honesty, I can think of a few adults who would have loved to toast with a bottle of 'Frozen' bubbly. But, I'll 'Let it Go.'

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