"On Tuesday, May 1, 2018, the Freetown Police Association (FPA), will be escorting a 13-year-old Lakeville boy and his family to the Boston Children’s Hospital, where he and his family will stay prior to the boy’s brain surgery.

Cody Martin is a 13-year-old from Lakeville, Massachusetts. During this year’s Freetown-Lakeville Athletic Association Little League Opening Day, Cody had the honor of throwing out the first pitch. Unfortunately, this will be the only pitch Cody will be throwing this season. Cody was recently diagnosed with a benign tumor on his brain. Although Cody is a fighter, the condition has caused him to lose this baseball season, along with other aspects of life that a 13-year-old boy enjoys. Besides losing Cody’s first year on Babe Ruth League Baseball, his parents Edward and Tara, have had to home school Cody, as well as making numerous trips to Boston, where the Boston’s Children’s Hospital has been taking great care of him.

That being said, Cody will be going to the Boston Children’s Hospital again, this time to undergo a 10+ hour surgery where surgeons and staff hope to successfully free Cody from this tumor and help him along the road to a healthy recovery. Cody is a strong-hearted young man and has an amazing outlook on his situation. Despite his upcoming surgery, Cody is looking forward to attending this year’s Lakeside Family Festival and being with his friends.

It is the FPA’s honor to provide safe passage for Cody and his family into Boston. We hope it is one of the last trips that will be needed (other than trips to Fenway Park, of course!).

We would like to invite the community to join us in showing the upmost support, thoughts and prayers to Cody and his family as he undergoes surgery on Wednesday. We cannot wait to see Cody at the Lakeside Family Festival this Memorial Day Weekend!

Cody, we hope that you enjoy the Boston Red Sox game on Tuesday evening! We will be thinking of you on Wednesday and we want you back and better than ever! The FPA is proud of you and can truly say that you have inspired our entire police department. For that, we thank you."

The courtesy escort will be leaving from Ted Williams Camp at approximately 2 PM. If you are able, try to make this boy's day!

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