FREETOWN — A Freetown highway department official has been cleared of any wrongdoing after police had charged him with larceny and embezzlement in the sale of two town-owned military Humvees in 2019.

Freetown highway surveyor Charles Macomber, 57, was accused of selling police vehicles for cash to a Lakeville buyer, who then allegedly lied about the deal to police.

But on Wednesday Macomber was acquitted of all charges by Fall River District Court Judge Robert Ovoian.

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Macomber said on Friday that he is "very happy to end that chapter" of his life, adding that he was not surprised with the judge's decision.

"It was a long two and half years," he said. "It was a struggle for myself and my family, but it made us stronger, and we're looking forward to the future."

It is unclear what the defense argued during the bench trial earlier this week, but the judge's decision shows the prosecution fell short in proving Macomber guilty.

The Bristol County District Attorney's office confirmed that he was acquitted but did not provide a comment on the case.

Macomber was charged in July 2019 after police said he sold two Humvees owned by police and stored at the highway department, without the legal authority to do so.

Police had bought the surplus Humvees from the federal government in case one of their vehicles needed replacement or parts.




Macomber was found not guilty of two counts of larceny of a motor vehicle, two counts of larceny over $1,200, and two counts of embezzlement by a public officer.

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