Freetown Police have arrested a man for attempting to steal a power washer from a shed, and then assaulting a neighbor who tried to stop him with his prosthetic arm.

On Wednesday night, Freetown Police received a 911 call from a Christopher Drive resident reporting that a suspect was being detained for stealing a power washer from the resident’s garage. The suspect was subsequently identified as 31-year-old Brandon W. Demoranville of Freetown.

Sgt. Elton Ashley, Patrolmen Christopher Medeiros and Patrolman Patrick Lee responded to the scene to discover that one of the neighbors was detaining Demoranville in the roadway.

The investigation revealed that the neighbor had observed Demoranville remove a pressure washer from a shed and begin walking down the road with it. The neighbor followed and confronted Demoranville, who responded by assaulting the neighbor with his prosthetic right forearm, which contained a metal hook.

An altercation followed and the neighbor was able to take Demoranville to the ground and hold him until police arrived. Once officers were on the scene, Demoranville continued to act assaultive and police threatened to Taser him unless he stopped.

After being taken into custody, Demoranville made threats to harm the neighbor that had apprehended him. Demoranville was charged with breaking & entering a building in the nighttime for a felony; assault with a dangerous weapon; and threatening to commit a crime.

During the past few weeks, the area had been plagued by breaks into vehicles and sheds. Freetown Detective Shane Kelley had applied for four arrest warrants charging Demoranville with another count of breaking & entering a building in the nighttime for a felony; three counts of breaking and entering a vehicle in the nighttime for a felony; two counts of attempt to commit a crime; and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

After being booked, Demoranville was held overnight and arraigned at the Justice Center in Fall River.

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