Music fills our lives with happiness, and many people like to bring that happiness into their home with a piano. Be it upright, baby grand or player piano, some feel a home isn’t a home without a piano.

However, pianos are also quite expensive, not only to purchase, but also to move or remove. It’s very believable that someone that no longer had use for a piano would rather give it away to someone who would come pick it up for free rather than hiring a company to come and haul it out.

You may have even received an email from someone offering you a piano, free of charge. It’s usually a very recognizable name such as Yamaha or Steinway, and the reason why they’re giving it away is because it belonged to a now-deceased relative and they have no use for it.

Take, for example, an email that recently came into our inbox from a “Katie Vaughan.”


I'm offering my late husband's Yamaha Piano to any music enthusiast. If you or someone you know might value this instrument, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Warm regards,

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Sounds innocent enough, but if you were to reply back (we didn’t, we just read up about “free piano scams” on the internet) then “Katie” would tell you that she’s already had a moving company come and pack up the piano, and then give you a number to contact them.

The “moving company” would then ask for your address and some type of payment for delivery and set up; the idea of getting a “free” piano even for the cost of delivery might still sound appealing to someone.

Of course, after payment, the piano never arrives because there never was a piano in the first place.

We get these emails a few times a year. Why would someone contact a radio station to offer up a free piano?

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A few websites also warn that even if you find someone who is legitimately offering a free piano, it’s probably because the instrument is too expensive to tune or repair so you’re just taking in someone else’s expensive problem.

Reputable music shops can certainly help you find a legitimate used piano if you’re looking to acquire one.

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