Twice, Joe Camacho became immersed in the world of baseball. Twice, he gave it up to be principal of a public elementary school in his hometown, New Bedford, Massachusetts.

Not only did Camacho play minor league pro ball, he played with the legendary Roger Maris and Don Larsen. When Ted Williams transitioned from player to coach, he called on his friend Joe to join his coaching staff.

Camacho was Williams' bench coach from 1969 to 1972 when Williams coached the Washington Senators and Texas Rangers. Camacho also served as baseball director at the Ted Williams Baseball Camp in Lakeville.

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Camacho was an infielder at the minor league level from 1948 through 1957.

Joseph Gomes Camacho Jr. was born May 29, 1928 to Joseph Camacho and Augusta Piedade. Camacho's father worked in New Bedford's textile mills.

Former New Bedford School Principal Played, Coached Pro Baseball
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After graduating from New Bedford High School, Camacho worked in the mills and played baseball for the local Twilight League. He served in the Army during the Korean War and then earned a master's degree in education from Bridgewater State College.

Camacho married Patricia Margarette Carey. The couple had two sons.

In a piece for the Society for American Baseball Research, Charlie Grassl wrote, "As a professional baseball player, Camacho never advanced beyond Double-A, achieving far more success as an educator."

Camacho taught at the Sarah D. Ottiwell School and became the school's principal. He left the job to return to coaching. Upon retiring from coaching baseball, Camacho landed a job as principal of Campbell Elementary School.

Camacho retired in 1986 and died in Fairhaven on December 27, 2018. He was 90.

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