Each Wednesday I try to sneak out of work a smidge early so I can catch up with my family and friends at Apponogansett Park for Dartmouth's Summer Concert Series.   What occurred to me this past Wednesday was that not only did i have zero idea about what music i was going to be hearing, but I had zero idea of who the band even was and yet, here I am, rushing around to get there on time!  What is it about music outdoors that gets people so excited?  Here's what seems to make outdoor music events the place to be:

1. All Ages: Newborns in strollers, moms with a gaggle of tween girls, toddlers on dad's shoulders, nanas in wheelchairs- they are all there and all having an equally good time!

2. There's No Fixed Seating:  You can sit in a semi-circle, a straight row, spread out on a blanket, up against a tree, etc.  Wherever there is ground, you can sit on it and sit on it however you please. If you want to change your chair every hour to face the sun - you can do it. You can do whatever you want.

3. Its Social Hour:  Anytime there's a community based event anywhere, its a social event. What is different about musical events, however, is that people sit in one spot for the entire time. Its much easier to find someone in a crowd when the crowd is stationary for the entire time.

Sun of a Beach New Bedford
Sun of a Beach New Bedford

4. You Don't Need to Actually See Music to Enjoy It:  You may face the general direction of the stage but it doesn't necessarily mean you are watching it. I watched people read books, play cards, draw/sketch, do gymnastics and lots of other stuff while also listening to the band play. That's what makes it so easy for it to be enjoyable for everyone.

5. The Price Point is Reasonable: For the most part, summer concert series across the Southcoast are priced just right and keep you coming back all year long.  They can be anywhere from $5 to $10 depending on where you're headed.

We love music just as much as the next person and get more and more excited for Sun of a Beach Music Festival with each passing summer concert on the Southcoast.  If you're looking for us, we'll be on a big ol' blanket by down the beer garden.

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