In the middle of summer you never sit down to a full blown turkey dinner, it just doesn't happen!  The weather is too hot and nobody feels like spending hours in the kitchen slaving over this labor intensive meal.  That got me to thinking, Thanksgiving is the only time of the year we find certain foods on the table that we wouldn't have any other time. For instance Green Bean Casserole  with onion rings on it, that only comes out at Thanksgiving, how about Pumpkin Pie, Thanksgiving only!  Cranberry sauce, yams, turnip all reserved for Turkey Day!  Even the turkey itself is really only done up with stuffing and the works on Thanksgiving!  How about some of the desserts that show up around the table during turkey time?  When do we ever eat Indian Pudding but at Thanksgiving? Most of these ingredients that are served require a lot of time and effort to make and it seems once a year is enough to go to all of the work to make the family meal complete.  Is there anything I left off the list?  If I did please share what you eat only at Thanksgiving, I would love to know what you only eat for Thanksgiving!  Now please pass the gravy!