You can now go out to eat to support Boston Children's Hospital's partnership with St. Luke's Hospital.  Eat at Mike's Restaurant, The Pasta House, Frontera Grill or Cleary's Irish Pub all day April 19th, because 15% of your bill will go directly to "Food For Tots". 

A few weeks ago, I learned all too well about the importance of Boston Children's Hospital's partnership with St. Luke's Hospital.  It was a Friday night.  My daughter had a freak accident with my wife's dumbbells...leaving her middle finger crushed.  We rushed her to the Emergency Department at St. Luke's...where Boston Children's Hospital doctors were treating New Bedford area children.  It may be one of the best kept secrets on the Southcoast, but Boston Children's Hospital doctors are on hand to treat kids that walk through the doors at St. Luke's Emergency Department.

It goes without saying that Boston Children's is the best medical facility for kids in the entire world.  Now, that care is available to Southcoast children without the long ride up Route 24 and 93.  In the event that the Boston Children's doctors think that the child should be transferred (to see a specialist, etc) all of their medical information is shared in real time via a state of the art robot that is linked to Boston.  This means when the child arrives at Boston Children's...the hospital and staff are already waiting for them with the necessary treatments ready to go.

Needless to say, as word of this partnership continues to spread, the popularity of the Boston Children's Emergency Room at St. Luke's Hosptial is growing rapidly.  There has been discussion about extending to 24 hours a day.  With the goal of connecting as many Southcoast pediatrics patients as possible with Boston Children's Hospital doctors, we have partnered with Southcoast Health to launch a year-long program called "Food For Tots".  It has got to be the easiest way to contribute to a very worthy cause.  Simply go out to eat at participating restaurants on our Food For Tots nights and 15% of your bill will be donated to support the partnership between Boston Children's Hospital and St. Luke's Hospital.

Our "Food For Tots" program will be in a different city or town each month, so listen to Fun 107 or watch for a schedule of dates and a list of participating restaurants.

We'll kick off "Food For Tots" in Fairhaven on Thursday, April 19th.  Simply eat at any of the following restaurants on April 19th to help support this cause:

  • Mike's Restaurant
  • The Pasta House
  • Frontera Grill
  • Cleary's Irish Pub

"Food For Tots" will be happening at these Fairhaven restaurants ALL DAY on Thursday, April go enjoy lunch or dinner...or BOTH!  Bring the whole family!

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