Around 146,000 garbage disposals have been recalled because a metal part inside the disposal can break, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

According to WPRI 12, there have been 22 reported incidents, including three reports of metal pieces hitting people who use the garbage disposal.  So far, no injuries have been reported to date.

“The recall covers 10 brands of 3/4 and 1 horsepower units made by Anaheim Manufacturing Company, which is a division of Moen, Inc.”

The recalled disposals were sold from December 2015 through March 2017 at stores nationwide and online.

In a statement, Anaheim Manufacturing said, “We take any issue involving the quality or safety of our products very seriously. We identified this issue through our ongoing program of monitoring quality feedback from our customers. We have made every effort to quickly remove the affected units from the market. They are being replaced with units that meet our quality and durability standards.”

“If you have one of these recalled garbage disposals, contact Anaheim Manufacturing at 1-800-628-0797. The company will install a free replacement at no cost.”

Below is a list of the garbage disposal models that are being recalled.

BrandModel No.Model No. LocationDescription
Barracuda681-4001Side3/4 HP Disposer
FrankeFWD75BRBottom3/4 HP Batch Feed Waste Disposer
FWD75RBottom3/4 HP Waste Disposer
FWD100RBottom1 HP Waste Disposer
FrigidaireFGDI753DMSSideGallery 3/4 HP Waste Disposer
FPDI103DMSSideProfessional 1 HP Waste Disposer
FPDI758DMSSideProfessional 3/4 HP Waste Disposer
GemlineGLCD300SSSideEmerald 3/4 HP Disposal
Kenmore587-70351EBottom3/4 HP Disposal
587-70361EBottom3/4 HP Deluxe Garbage Disposal
587-70413EBottom1 HP Garbage Disposal
KitcheneaterKE1CORDSide1 HP Garbage Disposal
KE34CORDSide3/4 HP Garbage Disposal
LuxartLXFIN1CSideFinale 1 HP Garbage Disposer
LXFIN34CSideFinale 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer
MoenGX75CBottomGX Series 3/4HP Garbage Disposal
GX100CBottomGX Series 1HP Garbage Disposal
GXL1000CBottomGX Series Luxe 1HP Garbage Disposal
Stream33S33WC1WCSide1 HP Garbage Disposal
Waste King9980BottomLegend Series 1HP 3 Bolt Mount Garbage Disposer
9980TCBottomLegend Series 1HP Batch Feed 3-Bolt Mount Garbage Disposer
L-8000BottomLegend Series 1HP EZ Mount Garbage Disposer
L-8000TCBottomLegend Series 1HP Batch Feed EZ Mount Garbage Disposer
9950BottomLegend Series 3/4HP 3 Bolt Mount Garbage Disposer
9900TCBottomLegend Series 3/4HP Batch Feed 3 Bolt Mount Garbage Disposer
L-3300BottomLegend Series 3/4HP EZ Mount Garbage Disposer
L-5000TCBottomLegend Series 3/4HP Batch Feed EZ Mount Garbage Disposer
A1SPCBottomKnight Series 1 HP Garbage Disposer
PM3SL-3BMTBottom Plain 3/4 HP 3-Bolt Mount Garbage Disposer
PM4SL-3BMTBottomPlain 1 HP 3-Bolt Mount Garbage Disposer
FDL-3300BottomLegend Series 3/4HP EZ Mount Garbage Disposer
FDL-8000BottomLegend Series 1HP EZ Mount Garbage Disposer

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