Three Florida residents are under arrest after police discover an ATM skimming operation that targeted ATMs in Dighton and New Bedford.

Dighton Police say the trio installed skimming devices on the machines to steal information from customers ATM cards.

A joint investigation was undertaken with the New Bedford Police Department and the three suspects, identified as 30-year-old Vanessa Valencia, 41-year-old Fernando Wolf, and 39-year-old Christian Halchias were taken into custody.

The investigation also determined that the three suspects were part of a large ring with operations that were based out of Miami, Fla. and New York City, N.Y.

Their devices were also retrieved and Dighton police say it is not believed that any information was compromised due to the timely apprehension of the devices.

However, those who used the drive-up ATM at the BayCoast Bank located at 438 Spring St. on March 19, between 6:19 a.m. and 8 a.m., are being advised to contact BayCoast Bank to ensure that their accounts weren't compromised.