Credit Card Fraud
NEW BEDFORD - A number of credit card users throughout Greater New Bedford are being contacted by their financial institutions alerting them to fraudulent charges on their accounts.
David Borges, President of New Bedford Credit Union, tells WBSM News a "small percentage" of cre…
Nickeled and Dimed
Chalk this one up to experience and as confirmation of my theory that Americans are being nickeled and dimed to death.
Last Friday I was running late to meet some folks in Downtown New Bedford for a little St. Patrick's Day celebration,  After finding a primo parking spot near my desti…
ATM Skimming Arrests
Three Florida residents are under arrest after police discover an ATM skimming operation that targeted ATMs in Dighton and New Bedford.
Police Looking For ATM Robber
New Bedford police are asking the general public to help identify a suspect in an ATM robbery on January 14th. 
The victim was withdrawing money from his account at the Santander Bank at 2136 Acushent Avenue, when he was approached from behind by a man armed with a small black firearm.…
New Bedford Man Robs Woman at ATM
New Bedford Police arrest a South End man in connection with a purse snatching at an ATM at County & Rivet Sts. last night.
The suspect is identified as Carlos Gomes Roderigues of Cottage Street. Police say he came up from behind a 24-year-old woman at the ATM and stole her purse containing m…