An ATM company that provides ATMs around Massachusetts is in trouble after it was discovered they were not disclosing their fees to customers. 

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If you've traveled around Massachusetts, and been in a jam for cash, than chances are you have used a Merrimak ATM. They are all over the state in gas stations and stores and they could have cost you without you knowing.

According to WCVB, Merrimak will pay the Commonwealth of Massachusetts $50,000 for not disclosing ATM fees to it's customers. The state attorney general Martha Coakley released the following statement to the media resulting the case:

ATM fees are often highest at convenience stores, parking garages and other establishments where consumers may be tempted to get cash quickly, so companies should be held accountable for providing the appropriate notifications.

Along with paying the fine, Merrimak will also review their current procedures to make sure that all customers are properly notified about ATM fees.